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  • Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

    If you are not actively trying to abolish, build or learn then we haven’t got too much to discuss. Personally, I am no fan of small talk or big talkers; I believe in taking initiative and actual actions. Black Lives Matter Sacramento puts in an immense amount of work because our city keeps us busy. There is a lot going on and we know that if we don’t do this work, it won’t get done.


    If you aren’t actively trying to be part of the solution then you are a problem.


    If you are comfortable with being willfully ignorant to the injustices taking place in our city on the regular then I cannot take you seriously.

    If you feel like you have room to judge any of our methods or our approaches to certain situations then I urge you to redirect that energy to actually organizing something because there is a lot that needs to be touched on and there are only so many of us.

    Get in where you fit in. We do a lot.....The most actually.

    We're resistance for real.

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